New turbine engine outperforms traditional turbine engines in geothermal application

Successful preliminary tests pave the way for additional testing at major regional utility’s geothermal site

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, May 17, 2001 à‚– International Automated Systems, Inc., announced today that, following tests of its turbine engine on a geothermal well conducted during late April, a major regional utility has given IAS the green light to test on its well in southwestern Utah.

Based upon preliminary testing, IAS officials are confident that the company’s patent-pending turbine used in geothermal applications has the ability to far exceed the performance of traditional turbine engines. Talks with additional regional utilities are ongoing.

According to the International Energy Agency, the world currently consumes approximately 13 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity annually. Power industry experts predict that, based upon a 2 – 3% per annum increase, it will cost over $3 trillion in present dollars to construct the number and size of traditional power plants necessary to meet this growth during the next 10-20 years. This dollar amount does not include the cost of delivery and distribution networks. IAS’s turbine engine is designed to lower these costs considerably, in terms of both physical plant and delivery systems, while also decreasing system maintenance costs.

Additionally, process hydrogen represents an equally impressive opportunity for the company. Currently, 128 billion cubic feet of hydrogen is consumed each year in the processing of many consumer products. Environmentally concerned citizens and government officials have advocated the use of hydrogen as a clean-burning, low-emission fuel for automobiles. Until now, however, the cost of its production (approximately $4.00 to $6.00 per gallon) has prohibited widespread use. The IAS process enables the production of hydrogen at rates that would allow its use as a cost-effective alternative fuel, replacing some of the nearly 75 million barrels of petroleum consumed daily worldwide.

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SOURCE: International Automated Systems, Inc.

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