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New South Wales utility rolls out new asset management and mapping system

April 6, 2001 à‚–GE Smallworld, a leading provider of utility network solutions, announced today that Advance Energy, an electricity distributor in New South Wales, has rolled out a new company-wide Network Asset Management and Mapping System (NAMMS) based on GE Smallworld Core Spatial Technology and web browser software.

The system will operate across five main offices and 26 field service centers throughout western New South Wales, covering a distribution area of 167,000 square kilometers. The new system replaces five legacy systems and was procured, specified, built and commissioned within 12 months, meeting schedules and executing on budget.

Chas McPhail, manager of asset information at Advance Energy, explains that “NAMMS will enhance all areas of our business. Being able to graphically link and model assets through their locations and attributes to customers, and make that information available company-wide through GE Smallworld’s Internet solution, has greatly improved the way in which we make decisions and respond to customer needs.”

An important factor in Advance Energy’s choice of GE Smallworld spatial technology was that the Core Spatial Technology system was a far better business fit in comparison to other systems. McPhail adds, “It was clear that GE Smallworld had superior experience and exposure to utility businesses. Our experience has confirmed that GE’s technology is very ‘open’ and can be integrated with our asset database and load analysis software, which was also one of our key business requirements. When combined with our asset database, GE Smallworld software gives the whole organization access to the same set of data. This is a major advantage over other available products. Seamless searches via the Internet of the GE Smallworld network model and asset database represent a quantum leap forward.”

Because the geospatial component of this project was completed in less than seven months, GE Smallworld presented Craig Murray, managing director at Advance Energy, with a GE Smallworld Fast Tracker Award. This award is given to customers who achieve rapid implementation and realization of the benefits of GE Smallworld technology.

MITS, a GE Smallworld World Class Partner, provided a solution that integrated Advance Energy’s huge database of physical network assets with the cadastre (a land map or survey) for its franchise area. The work encompassed a user requirements specification followed by an implementation that included systems integration, conversion of digital databases and hard copy maps, and cadastral and topographic land base datasets. The company also developed system interfaces to Advance Energy’s corporate financial, customer information and CAD systems.

Advance Energy’s network designers are using GE Smallworld Core Spatial Technology to extract existing network and cadastral data as a “seed” for further design and network expansion. Network System Controllers at Advance Energy use GE Smallworld in their day-to-day network switching operations as well as directing field staff and determining outage impacts on customers. Future plans at Advance Energy involve the further development of GE Smallworld Core Spatial Technology into a complete customer call and fault analysis tool, and integration of the system with other utility information technology systems.

Advance Energy, established in New South Wales in 1995, serves approximately 120,000 customers over an area of 167,000 square kilometers, through sub-transmission and distribution networks.

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