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New gas turbine offers high efficiency with low emissions

Sept. 12, 2002 – A new gas turbine introduced recently at the Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston is designed for higher efficiency and lower emissions than other machines in its class.

The new GE MS5002E (Frame 5E) gas turbine is a 30-MW class gas turbine designed primarily for mechanical drive applications in the oil and gas industry, but also will be available for power generation.

The Frame 5E is the newest member of GE’s fleet of MS5002 gas turbines, which has recorded millions of hours of service worldwide, largely in pipeline projects and natural gas reinjection and liquefaction plants. The new, two-shaft machine combines state-of-the-art, heavy duty gas turbine technology with proven design concepts for high levels of reliability.

“Due to rising fuel costs and stricter environmental regulations, the power generation market is increasingly oriented toward gas turbines with high fuel efficiency and low emissions,” said Claudi Santiago, president and CEO of GE Oil & Gas, a
business unit of GE Power Systems. “These issues also are becoming true for the mechanical drive market, although the availability and reliability of the machines remain key factors. GE developed the new Frame 5E to satisfy all of these market requirements.”

The new machine is designed for simple-cycle efficiency of more than 36% and combined-cycle efficiency of approximately 51%. The high cycle efficiency is achieved, despite the relatively low firing temperature, through the use of advanced tools to define, design and optimize air foils, clearances and cooling flow distribution.

The Frame 5E will achieve NOx emissions levels of 25 ppm or less, using a dry low emissions combustion system derived from the GE Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2 system. The DLN 2 is a single-stage, dual mode combustor system that has been installed on GE’s F technology gas turbines and operates with gaseous fuel. Future development will include liquid fuel capability.

Key components of the Frame 5E include:
— An 11-stage, high-pressure ratio, axial flow compressor directly scaled up from the GE10 gas turbine compressor.

— An axial flow, two-stage reaction, high-pressure turbine with air-cooled nozzles and buckets, designed for high efficiency over a wide power range.

— A low-pressure turbine that is the same module used in the GE LM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine. This design enables the Frame 5E to offer aeroderivative-
quality performance and low emissions, with heavy duty reliability and availability.

The expected introductory performance of the Frame 5E at ISO conditions:
LPT shaft speed: 6100 rpm
Output (shaft): 30 megawatts
Simple-cycle efficiency (shaft): 36.4%
Combined-cycle efficiency: 51.1%
Combined-cycle output: 46.1 megawatts
Exhaust temperature : 523à‚° C
Exhaust flow: 96 kg/s

A comprehensive testing program, including the full-scale test of the axial compressor, a full-scale rotordynamic test and combustion system tests, has been completed. A full-load prototype test will be performed to validate the overall system, including engine and auxiliaries.

The Frame 5E will be manufactured at GE Oil & Gas’ gas turbine plant in Florence, Italy and the first unit will be available for commercial operation in the first quarter of 2004. The new machine is designed for both 50- and 60-hertz applications.

GE Oil & Gas is headquartered in Florence, the home of Nuovo Pignone, a long-time global leader in gas compression and turbogeneration products. GE acquired ownership of Nuovo Pignone in 1994 and since then, has continued to expand its oil and gas business by acquiring or forming partnerships with other technology and experience leaders in the industry.

Other companies now part of GE Oil & Gas include Gemini, Rotoflow, Conmec, GE Packaged Power Odessa and AC Compressor, all of the U.S.; Thermodyn of France; and PII Pipeline Solutions of the U.K.

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