New Caterpillar product designed to optimise CHP

A newly introduced series of Cat generator sets has been designed with combined heat and power in mind.

The G3516H is the first of the H-Series product line now available for operation on natural gas fuel and is aimed at creating greater return on investment for combined heat and power (CHP) and continuous electric power applications.
Cat G3516H
The new sets can be used in industrial and commercial facilities such as hospitals, data centres, manufacturing plants, and greenhouses as well as in distributed generation power plants by electric utilities.

“This product will provide customers in all applications with exceptional value; helping them reduce energy costs while continuing to provide the high reliability customers expect of the G3500 family,” says Thoralf Lemke, Caterpillar Electric Power Gas Marketing Manager.

The generator set’s industry-leading low owning and operating costs are achieved through an improved electrical efficiency, up to 44.7%, and several improvements that reduce maintenance costs up to 20%.à‚  Specifically, the G3516H offers reduced oil consumption and extended maintenance intervals.à‚  Through new product developments that include cuffed cylinder liners, updated valve stem sealing, and increased valve train lubrication, the number of maintenance events has been minimized.

“We were pleased how smoothly the startup went.à‚  We got an all-inclusive, worry-free package, and the planned 97 per cent operating reliability was exceeded by a long shot,” remarks Caterpillar district energy customer and G3516H owner, Uwe Klingler of HBG based in Reutlingen, Germany.

The new generator set as well as the associated electrical and mechanical equipment required to complete a fully functional CHP plant are being sold and supported through the global Cat Dealer network.

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