11 March 2010 – Caterpillar has launched a new gas-fuelled generator set designed for maximum efficiency in extended duty distributed generation and CHP applications.

Driven by a Cat electronically-controlled, lean-burn reciprocating engine, the 1000 kWe G3512E generator set was designed to offer a high power density and excellent fuel efficiency while maintaining tight NOx control.  

It provides flexibility to operate on pipeline natural gas with a wide range of methane numbers without sacrificing efficiency and performance, and delivers up to 41.7% ISO electrical efficiency without water pumps, says the company.

The generator set operates at 50 Hz/1500 rpm with Miller Combustion Cycle, is rated at 1000 kWe, and has a standard NOx emissions rating of 500 mg/NM3 at a separate circuit aftercooler (SCAC) inlet water temperature of 54°C.

It is built on a heavy-duty diesel-based platform and uses an advanced camshaft and turbocharger design to achieve high mechanical efficiency. It additionally features an open combustion chamber design, which allows for a low-pressure fuel system of 10 to 35 kPa.

‘Today, more people realize that distributed generation with CHP is a multi-benefit solution to meet their increasing electric power demand,’ said Tom Lee, Caterpillar Electric Power Gas Engineering Manager. ‘The key drivers are customers’ desire for higher total system efficiency and return on investment while maintaining high reliability. This solution requires a gas package generator set with high electrical efficiency, low long-term operating cost, and low emission levels that meet stringent local regulations. The G3512E is an ideal product for customers who have base load applications as well as extended-hour peak sharing or peak shaving.’