13 May 2010 – Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen has won a contract to supply E.ON Kernkraft with two emergency standby power systems to be supplied to the Bavarian nuclear power plant Isar I at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.
The two new emergency standby systems are scheduled to replace their predecessors, also supplied by MTU, in mid-2012.
The value of the contract is around €11 million.
The gensets are based on MTU Model 12V 956 TB33 and 16V 956 TB33 engines producing 4300 kVA and 5730 kVA respectively.
In the case of a grid outage, the standby gensets reach their operating speed and can take over the entire power supply at the latest ten seconds after start-up.
There are currently more than 400 nuclear power plant blocks in operation throughout the world and estimates foresee around an additional 170 coming on line by 2020, says Tognum.
‘Over the coming years we will be steadily expanding our business with systems for the important area of emergency power supply in nuclear power plants,’ explained Christof von Branconi, Tognum COO with responsibility for the business unit Onsite Energy & Components. ‘The demand comes partly from projects for the renewal of existing plants and partly from new builds.’