A mothballed gas-fired power plant in northern Italy is online again after hardware and software retrofits from GE.

The 1179 MW Chivasso combined-cycle plant in Turin came online in the 1950s and was taken offline in 2013 by its operator, utility A2A, due to failing economics.   

In November 2015 the plant was restarted after its two 9FA turbines were upgraded with GE’s Dry Low NOx 2.6 combustion hardware, and a new boiler system was provided through GE’s legacy Alstom business. This week A2A announced that a GE Operations Optimization software suite has now been installed.

GE said the plant now achieves a 65 MW minimum load level per turbine, enabling load ramping at up to 50 MW per minute and making it competitive again for dispatch in balancing markets. The plant is now also able to operate within Italian emissions limits, GE added.

Chivasso is the first of three of A2A’s northern Italian plants planned for this type of upgrade.