Mitsubishi gensets to power Indonesian islands

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger (MHIET) has been contracted to supply 147 MGS Series diesel generator sets in Indonesia to state-owned electric utility PT PLN (Persero).

Indonesia, which is made up of thousands of islands, depends on such independently-operated power systems for electricity generation.
PT PLN intends to have the gensets to become operational by mid-2018 across 19 districts of Kalimantan and three districts of Sulawesi. MHIET will be supplying its MGS1500C line of gensets which are the prime offering of the MGS Series range.

Each of the gensets would generate continuous energy of 1.2 MW. Owing to their operation at high speeds, MHIET has manufactured their engines to be in small in size and light in weight.

The Japanese firm says that several MGS1500C gensets can be installed even in limited space due to their size, thus providing a major advantage to their users.

By September end, MHIET will be completing the manufacturing and shipping of the 147 gensets. The company’s subsidiary Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine System Asia (MHIES-A) will source the required generators and other associated equipment and components.

MHIET stated that after completion of the power generating sets, its Indonesian dealer Berkat Manunggal Jaya (BMJ) will install the gensets and carry out test operations before delivering them on its behalf to PLN.

The Japanese firm will be responsible for providing remote monitoring services from its head office in Sagamihara for all installations once they enter into commercial operation.

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