Microsoft to build on-site power plant for Irish data centre

Microsoft is reportedly set to build an on-site power plant to serve one of its Dublin data centres after a grid upgrade failed to be completed quickly enough. à‚ 

According to newspaper the Irish Independent, the tech giant plans to install 16 gas-fired gensets at a site in west Dublin, providing 18 MW of power for the data centre ” equivalent to the power consumed by 18,000 households.

Irish grid operator EirGrid is about to begin a significant system upgrade and has warned that businesses in Dublin may need to install temporary power systems until it is completed in 2019. The upgrade will include building a new substation to handle the energy demand from Microsoft’s four data centres in the city plus others operated by Amazon, Facebook and Google.

According to Irish media reports, the large number of data centres and the speed at which they have been built has strained the grid.

In 2016, Microsoft won planning permission to build four more data centres in Dublin.


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