22 June 2010 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has received an order for the major components of natural gas turbine combined-cycle power generation systems with heat supply capability, which will be installed in a cogeneration facility to be built by Huaneng Power International, one of the major electricity providers in China.
The cogeneration facility in Gaobeidian, in which the gas turbines and other components are to be installed, is the first of six projects planned for the Beijing area.
The facility, with a 920 MWe capacity during the summertime, or 830 MWe, as well as 660 MWth during the wintertime, will provide electricity and heat to meet the fast-growing demands in the nation’s capital city and surrounding area.
The order was placed through Dongfang Turbine Co, a major power generation equipment manufacturer in China to which MHI has licensed its gas turbine technology. The company will provide two M701F gas turbines as well as major components of a steam turbine. Delivery of the gas turbines is scheduled in February and March of 2011.
For the facility, MHI will supply two gas turbines, control system components, and steam turbine components. Dongfang Turbine will deliver the gas turbine auxiliary system, steam turbine and its auxiliary system to Huaneng Power International through Dongfang Electric Corporation, the parent company of Dongfang Turbine.