Iberdrola Ingenieria completed modernization work on the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant in Mexico following the conclusion of the fourth and last slated fuel recharge and synchronization of both units to the grid.

The modernization program increased theà‚ two unit power plant’sà‚ thermal power by 20 percent. The capacity of each unit now stands at 820 MW.

The upgrade beganà‚ in 2007 and extendsà‚ the plant’s operating life to 40 years. Iberdrola Ingenieria operates the plant along with Alstom Mexicana and secured the contract to undertake this project in early 2007. The project cost more than $600 million.

Terms of the contract included design, engineering, supply of equipment and materials, installation, assembly and testing for the power uprate at units 1 and 2.

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