China’s Jiangsu Tianue Energy & Chemical Group Co. is building a high-efficiency gas turbine power plant to convert industrial waste gas into power and steam to meet increasing energy needs in the Pei County region.
The power plant will be equipped with three aeroderivative gas turbines from GE Energy, which are the first LM2500+G4 units sold in China.
The turbines will use coke oven gas, a by-product of the coking manufacturing process, as fuel and turn it into electricity for the region.
GE also is providing a 12-year services agreement, with one spare engine to ensure maximum operability at the new plant.
‘GE’s innovative technology allows us to turn a previously environmentally harmful gas into a useful tool to produce energy for our customers. In addition, we will be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 300,000 tonnes per year and supply stable electricity to Pei County,’ said Teng Daochun, chairman of the Jiangsu Tianue Energy & Chemical Group Co.
‘This project is an important step in increasing the value of coke oven gas.’
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