MAN Energy hands over new CHP plant in Germany

New combined heat and power technology has replaced coal-fired operations at a power plant in Germany.

The plant operator, EnBW Energie Baden-Wàƒ¼rttemberg, have overseen a significant modernization programme at the plant’s HKW3 unit.

This project saw Germany technology company MAN Energy Solutions install three of its MAN 20V35/44G gas engines, which produce not only electrical energy but also 30 MW of district heating.

In addition to the CHP plant, EnBW has also constructed a heat storage and a boiler plant with up to 175 MW thermal energy output to cover fluctuations in supply and demand. The existing coal power plant was decommissioned in December.

Jens Rathert, Project Manager at EnBW, said: “The reconstruction of HKW3 is part of EnBW’s strategy for the energy transition, replacing an existing coal-fired plant with a modern gas-powered CHP and boiler plant. By doing this, we are significantly reducing the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants, which is particularly important given the urban surroundings of the power plant. Looking at the bigger picture of the energy transition, we regard facilities like the HKW3 as a blueprint for further fuel-switch projects and relish the opportunity for more projects along these lines.”

The CHP plant is a core element of the new construction: While gas boilers produce exclusively heat and are primarily designed to cover the peaks in demand over winter, the gas engines will ideally be run continually to provide both electricity and heat.

By combining the facility with a district heating accumulator, EnBW said it can fully utilize the flexibility offered by the engines and react to price signals. When demand for heat is low, the waste heat from the engines can be stored. This flexibility is made possible by the high reaction speed of the MAN gas engines, which reach their full output in less than five minutes and can handle load changes with ease.

Dr. Tilman Tàƒ¼tken, Vice President of the power plant division of MAN Energy Solutions, said: “Large gas engine power plants are a new but important technology in Germany. They help to reduce harmful emissions and guarantee an extremely reliable supply.

“Gas engine power plants have the potential to replace coal power stations in a way that is not only effective but better for the environment. Our modular power plant concept for cogeneration is being brought to fruition in Stuttgart Gaisburg. The concept works on the modular principle and can be scaled up as required from 7 MW.”

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