Siemens CCGT Lausward

The 595 MW Lausward combined cycle power plant in Germany has achieved first firing, as it edges closer to full operations later this year.

The Siemens H-class gas turbine is located at Lausward in Dusseldorf and has an efficiency level of over 61 per cent.

A portion of the steam generated at the plant will be used for the district heating system in the city, allowing up to to 300 MWth of district heating capacity to be extracted from one single power plant unit.
Siemens CCGT Lausward
This increases the overall efficiency of the natural gas fuel to around 85 percent, making it among the most efficient and environmentally friendly plants in the world.

“This power plant is a very challenging project,” Lothar Balling, head of the Project Management business unit in the Siemens Power and Gas Division said in an email statement. “Construction of the plant is progressing right on schedule, thanks to the excellent collaboration with the Düsseldorf municipal utilities and to our experience in the erection of turn-key power plants. Without any reportable accidents after 1.8 million working hours over a period of more than 700 days, construction work at this plant is also a showcase project when it comes to occupational health and safety.”