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Jordan ready to reap tri-fuel plant benefits

The world’s largest internal combustion engine power plant is poised to enter commercial operation this month in Jordan.

IPP3 is located at Al Manakher near the Jordanian capital Amman and will deliver 573 MW of power.

Operating on 38 Wärtsilä engines and running on a tri-fuel mix of gas, heavy fuel oil and light fuel, the plant is being hailed by Jordan as the way forward for its power sector, which in recent years has been plagued by problems.

The country has historically imported up to 97 per cent of its fuel, which has accounted for 20 per cent of its GDP.

Built by a consortium of Electric Power Corporation of South Korea, Mitsubishi and Wärtsilä and owned by the National Electric Power Company of Jordan (NEPCO), the plant will provide baseload power for the country’s grid through 22 engines with a 60 per cent capacity factor. The remaining 16 engines will serve peak load with an expected 40 per cent capacity.

IPP3 is also being hailed as a compliment to Jordan’s renewable energy ambitions, which were outlined today at POWER-GEN Middle East in Abu Dhabi by NEPCO’s Amani Al Azzam.

She said the country had significant solar and wind potential and 13 power purchase agreements had so far been signed by NEPCO for renewable projects, accounting for 275 MW of solar PV and 183 MW of wind.

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