TOKYO, Sept. 21, 2000 (BridgeNews)¬óJapan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. reached agreement with U.S.-based independent power producer PG&E National Energy Group to supply 42 power-generating turbines with a total capacity of about 7.7 million kilowatts (kW), a Mitsubishi Heavy spokesman said Thursday. Shipments are scheduled to be completed before 2004, he said.

PG&E plans to build seven 1.1 million-kW natural gas-burning thermal power plants across the United States in the next few years. Mitsubishi will supply twenty-one 250,000-kW gas turbines and twenty-one 125,000-kW steam turbines to the U.S.-based company, the company said

The complex generating unit using gas and steam turbines has improved energy efficiency, Mitsubishi said. A lack of electricity supply has recently boosted demand for power generating facilities in the United States, the spokesman said

PG&E generated 224.7 billion kW-hours of electricity at its 30 power plants in 1999, according to the company.

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