Israel bolsters energy security with completion of gas power plant

The Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC) has announced the completion of work on its 375 MW combined cycle power plant, a development, which it is believed will go some way to alleviating the country’s electricity generation problems.

The Zafit power station in southern Israel comprises of a 125 MW steam unit and an already existing 250 MW gas turbine facility and was constructed at a cost of $248 000.
Combined cycle power plant
The natural gas turbines, which generate electricity for grid, also release a heat by-product that is used to power the steam unit, heating steam to extremely high temperatures that can then be converted to useable electricity.

IEC CEO Eli Glickman cited Israel’s waning electricity reserve ” which dipped to as low as only 200 MW during a heatwave earlier this summer ” when he stressed the importance of the addition of the new facility, reports the Jerusalem Post.

Glickman said. “In an era in which every single megawatt of electricity generation is needed, an additional 125 MW is significant to the stability of the electricity sector in Israel.”

Israel has a total of approximately 12500 MW of installed capacity at its plants ” which are powered by natural gas, fuel oil and coal.

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