INNIO milestone: More than 100 Jenbachers installed in China

INNIO has announced the installation of four Jenbacher J320s for China Water Industry Group (China Water Industry) in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. This brings the total installation base for Jenbacher gas engines for China Water to 104 units.

China Water Industry is working closely with INNIO Jenbacher to use gas engines in landfills to generate energy from waste in 10 Chinese provinces.

China is among the top 10 municipal solid waste generating countries. The Chinese government has environmental regulations in place to deal with the management of landfills and to encourage the utilization of municipal waste.

Under the national “One Belt, One Road” policy, China Water Industry has focused on expanding both domestic and overseas markets to actively develop and deploy the international landfill gas power generation segment.

Across 10 provinces, China Water Industry engineers designed and built landfill gas power generation projects to convert landfill gases to electricity. China Water Industry is working closely with INNIO to use Jenbacher technology to increase the efficiency and output of the power generated from the landfills.

The China Water Industry and INNIO Jenbacher relationship has led to the installation of 104 Jenbacher gas engines to produce electricity from recovered landfill gas, which is then fed into the Central China Power Grid (CCPG).

The China Water Industry technical team selected the Jenbacher gas engine based on its years of operating experience. China Water Industry ‘s leadership has turned to INNIO Jenbacher to provide more gas engine technology in the future.

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“As waste continues to be a growing threat to China’s environment, our engineers are leading the way in managing methane gas by using technology to convert this waste to clean energy,” commented Lin Yue Hui, executive director and CEO of China Water Industry. “Critical to our success are INNIO Jenbacher gas engines, which have been key in helping us generate value from waste in a sustainable way.”

China Water and Jenbacher combined technology has helped with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from both methane recovery and the replacement of electricity that would have been generated by the utilization of fossil fuels.

“INNIO is pleased to support China Water Industry across China in delivering clean electricity to the grid from landfill gas,” said Carlos Lange, president and CEO of INNIO. “In China, INNIO has succeeded in meeting customer heat and power needs by supplying more than 900 MW to a wide variety of industries ࢀ” such as independent power producers, utilities, commercial buildings and data centers. More than 200 MW installed capacity in China is used to convert landfill gas to energy, regardless of size or complexity of the project.”

China Water Industry has applied for participation in the international carbon trading market based on flexible compliance mechanisms introduced in the Kyoto Protocol. It expects to transfer and obtain project-level emission reduction offsets with developed countries. Following verification, the carbon emission reduction can be transferred in the future.

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