Pratt & Whitney Power System’s new and repaired components for the Frame 7FA+e combustion turbine system has exceeded the 1 million hour mark of run time service.
These hours were accumulated through more than 115 sets of varying major turbine hot-section components in power generation applications throughout world-wide markets.
Benefiting from 85 years of aviation power generation experience, Pratt & Whitney of the US has developed a line of improved industrial gas turbine (IGT) components with what it calls longer-lasting design features, resulting in reduced capital and operating costs for the customers.
‘Surpassing 1 million hours of run time in the demanding industrial gas turbine market demonstrates the dependability of our IGT components,’ said Charles Levey, vice president, Sales & Marketing, Pratt & Whitney Power Systems.
‘Our customers have repeatedly chosen Pratt & Whitney as their supplier of replacement components for the Frame 7 for their durability, quality and cost savings.’
The company says it has improved upon the original Frame 7FA+e equipment by designing nozzles, blades and combustion parts that incorporate company-proprietary alloys and coating systems for superior creep, oxidation and wear performance, ultimately extending part life and reducing operating costs.
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