Indonesia signs deal for gas-fired power upgrades

Indonesian state utility PLN is set to work with US-based turbine technology firm Powerphase to deploy the company’s dry air injection system in the country.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed this week commits PLN and Powerphase to co-operate on a phased implementation programme for the Turbophase system at PLN’s existing gas-fired power plants.

The intitial stage will include a feasibility study and two 50 MW projects, Powerphase said. This will be followed by full implementation of an additional 2 GW, which are planned to be installed by 2019.

In total, the deal is valued at $1.6bn and Powerphase said it could save Indonesia $11.6bn over 20 years in improved efficiency, as well as saving over 2 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Included in the technologyà‚ rollout will be engines from Caterpillar, control systems from GE, instrumentation from Emerson and valves from Bray.

“By deploying the Turbophase system in Indonesia, the country will realize more output and efficiency from its existing power plants,” Powerphase said in a statement. à‚ 

“One of the key benefits of the Turbophase system is how fast it can be deployed,” added Bob Kraft, the company’s president and CEO.à‚ 

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