Caterpillar has announced a series of performance enhancements for its 50 Hz Cat G3512E and G3520E gas generator sets, as well as a new 60 Hz option now available for the G3520E.

The improvements will reduce total owning and operating costs for customers through higher power density, improved fuel efficiency and extended preventive maintenance intervals, says the company. 
Designed for extended duty distributed generation and CHP applications, the G3512E and G3520E generator sets have been updated with enhancements to the engine and generator systems, and include the new next-generation engine control system.
As a result, they provide increased electrical and thermal efficiency, enhanced altitude capability, improved transient performance capability, reduced oil consumption and extended oil change intervals.
Customers recovering engine heat for use in CHP applications can enjoy best-in-class thermal efficiencies for the G3512E and G3520E that result in total system efficiencies of up to 85.0% and 87.9% respectively, adds Caterpillar.