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IHI to launch portable microturbine generator

4 October 2002 – Japan’s Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. (IHI) says it will next month begin marketing a portable gas turbine generator so small it can be carried by two people.

The new Dynajet 2.6 gas microturbine generator, developed by subsidiary IHI Aerospace Co., burns kerosene to rotate a turbine and generate 2.6kw of power — enough electricity to meet the power needs of a single household. It is the size of the outside unit of a typical home air conditioner and weighs 67kg.

Priced around 1m yen ($8156), the Dynajet 2.6 is several times costlier than a gasoline-engine-based power generator of comparable output but operates with far less burden on the environment, releasing one-seventh the nitrogen oxides and 1/60 the carbon monoxide. It also vibrates less and operates more quietly.

IHI will market the new gas microturbine generator for use at residential construction sites and event sites.