July 2, 2002 — The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board has approved the start of work on a new standard, IEEE P1614, “Guide for Monitoring, Information Exchange and Control of Distributed Resources Interconnected with Electric Power Systems.”

It also approved work to begin on a revision to a standard concerned with for automatic line sectionalizers on AC-systems.

IEEE P1614 will provide guidelines for the monitoring, control and exchange of information with distributed resources, such as fuel cells, photovoltaics, wind turbines and microturbines, that than be interconnected with or associated with electric power systems.

The revision of the standard IEEE PC37.63, “Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-mounted, Dry-Vault, and Submersible Automatic Line Sectionalizers for AC Systems,” will align it with the latest edition of IEEE Standard P1247, which addresses interrupter switches. IEEE PC37.63 applies to single-pole or multiple-pole sectionalizers with maximum voltages above 1000 V.

All the above standards and standards projects are sponsored by the IEEE Power Engineering Society.

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