Hydrogenics announces successful demonstration of portable fuel cell power generator

TORONTO, ON Canada, Dec. 18, 2000 (CNW) à‚– Hydrogenics Corporation (Nasdaq: HYGS; TSE: HYG), a designer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology, today announced the successful demonstration of its proprietary 2 kW portable fuel cell power generator at its Mississauga, Ontario facility.

The power generator, developed under a contract award from Canada’s Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Natural Resources, is designed for applications that require clean and silent power. This generator represents a technology platform that Hydrogenics will adapt for commercial applications in portable and backup power.

The power generator incorporates a Hydrogenics’ proprietary PEM fuel cell stack and a fully integrated rechargeable metal hydride fuel source. The generator provides distinct advantages over conventional power sources that include, a zero containment emissions profile, continuous electrical output, low temperature and quiet operation.

Dr. John C. Amphlett, Head of Electrochemical Power Sources Group and National Defense’s Military College, witnessed the demonstration. “Hydrogenics brought together a variety of technologies to create an integrated portable fuel cell power system from a concept stage,” said Dr. Amphlett. “This demonstration establishes the potential for fuel-cell power generators to meet demanding performance specifications that cannot be satisfied by traditional technologies. Hydrogenics developed a product that can be applied to a variety of power needs à‚– in the field, at base operations, and in communications.”

Hydrogenics’ President and CEO, Pierre Rivard, highlighted the scheduled demonstration of this product during the Company’s recent IPO road show. He is confident there is widespread application for products designed to deliver multi kilowatt power in a fully portable configuration. “Hydrogenics’ strategy has always been to pursue early markets via reference customers,” said Rivard.

“Collaborations with these reference customers provide us with a solid platform from which to take products to broader markets. We are confident that the development of products for niche markets today will lead to the mass market opportunities of tomorrow.”

As a next step, Hydrogenics is preparing the product for field-testing in the first half of 2001, in close cooperation with the Canadian military. This demonstration follows earlier Hydrogenics public statements regarding the progress being made by the Company on a number of fronts, including leadership in the fuel cell industrial control and test market, improving fuel cell stack and system technology and expansion of facilities.

About Hydrogenics:

Hydrogenics (https://hydrogenics.com) develops PEM fuel cell systems for commercialization, including related peripheral products and associated diagnostic and control equipment. Hydrogenics is recognized by key customers for its core competency in fuel cell operating systems while establishing a sustainable commercial business as a leading provider of systems for control and testing of PEM fuel cells and stacks.

The knowledge base that Hydrogenics has dedicated to these fully automated, state-of-the-art fuel cell systems is being applied to the development of fuel cell power generation with broad commercial applications. Hydrogenics’ strategy is to exploit energy markets across the transportation, stationary and portable spectrum. Hydrogenics’ head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario.

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