Cummins Power Generation has signed a five-year agreement with Heliocentris, a specialist in energy efficiency and clean power solutions based in Berlin, Germany.

Under the agreement, Cummins Power Generation will incorporate Heliocentris’ networked energy management technology into a new hybrid power system designed to provide power for cellular base stations and other telecom applications.
The new Cummins telecom hybrid power system will employ a diesel generator set, storage batteries and networked energy management technology to supply power to cellular sites.  Combining generator sets that are specifically designed for telecommunication cellular sites with a hybrid system that intelligently cycles storage batteries and can seamlessly integrate additional power components (such as photovoltaic modules, wind turbines and fuel cells)  ensures a continuing reduction of fuel consumption and operating and maintenance costs.

The resulting hybrid system reduces the operational expense for cell sites by up to 70 per cent and also significantly reduces the carbon footprint to power a cell site.

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