Heatric wins heat exchanger deal for ‘game-changing’ gas plant

UK heat exchanger company Heatric has been chosen to supply recuperative heat exchangers for what it claims is the first-of-a-kind supercritical CO2 power plant.

The US plant is being built by NET Power, CB&I, Exelon Generation, Toshiba and 8 Rivers Capital in Texas. Fitted with an ‘Allam Cycle’ power system, Heatric says it is “the first natural gas-fired power generation system able to produce low cost energy with zero air emissions”.

The plant’s only major by-products are said to be liq

uid water and a pipeline-quality, high-pressure stream of carbon dioxide ready for sequestration or industrial use.
Heatric ” which is part of engineering group Meggitt ”

will deliver a total of four printed circuit heat exchangers by the end of April 2016 and the 50 MW demonstration plant is expected to begin commissioning towards the end of that year.

Heatric general manager Adrian Tattersall said: “This technology is a potential game-changer when it comes to the rapid reduction of carbon emissions from fossil fuel power generation. We are very pleased to be part of such an exciting and important project with such global potential.”

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