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Handan plans to run turbine on furnace gases

China’s Handan Iron & Steel Group is to use the off-gas from its blast furnace and coke oven to power a GE 9E Gas Turbine at its 170 MW plant in China.

GE says the advantages of this method, rather than burning waste gas in a boiler, include higher efficiency and more output with fewer emissions than traditional boiler technology.

The turbine should also reduce costs for Handan by enabling the company to buy less electricity from the grid with fewer emissions and a smaller footprint.

The waste gas used in this solution had been considered too low quality for high efficiency power generation.

“This is the lowest quality fuel we’ve ever even considered burning, but we saw the potential to redesign the energy landscape in the steel industry,” said Keiran Coulton, president, Global Industries, GE Energy.

“Our engineers determined a way to compress the gas, make it more burnable and add it to the fuel options for what is otherwise a conventional power plant. In effect, we re-engineered the fuel instead of re-engineering the plant.”

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