Dec. 5, 2000—ABB Automation Ltd has announced a major new contract with Regional Power Generators, owners of the Glanford Brigg Power Station in North Lincolnshire.

ABB Automation�s contract, valued in excess of £1.5m, is based on a turnkey scope of supply with full responsibility for the following areas:

An initial site-based design phase in which ABB Automation will have full responsibility for preparing the design of the automation solution. System supply is based on ABB�s latest leading-edge IndustrialIT technologies. The project includes complete installation and commissioning including a fast-track changeover strategy.

The total ABB Automation package includes an Optimax PlantConnect PIMS system, the latest Maestro NT HSI, Melody automation platform and S800 Distributed I/O technology using redundant Fieldbus connections to the controller nodes. In addition, the steam turbine systems will be replaced with standard Harmony based TurboTrol technology.

During the changeover, ABB Automation will be responsible for each of the two Vega blocks at the station, producing power within 240 hours of coming off-line for maintenance. ABB Automation�s installation and commissioning engineers will work 24 hours per day during the changeover to achieve this.

The Glanford Brigg facility was brought into operation in the early 1990s and comprises six 40 MW generating units (four gas and two steam operated) in two Vega blocks. The station was originally constructed by European Gas Turbines and is currently equipped with Alstom Power MicroRec control.