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Germans out in front for European offshore wind

An indication of the German energiewende’s (energy change) gathering momentum can be gleaned by the latest statistics on offshore wind power, which show German companies to be hugely dominant in Europe so far in 2012.
Offshore wind
à‚  Siemens (NYSE:à‚ SI) is the most influential German wind turbine manufacturer, with 74 per cent of European offshore wind turbines in the past six months.

à‚  Siemens, REpower, and Bard were the only companies to connect wind turbines offshore in Europe during this time.

A distant second to Siemens, REpower installed a little less than a quarter of them (22 per cent) while Bard, in third place, installed 4 per cent.

à‚ In Europe, the amount of wind power generation capacity installed was 50 per cent more than it was at the same time last year.

à‚  Reported in cleantechnica.com Christian Kjaer, chief executive of the EWEA, said: “Offshore wind power is increasingly attracting investors, including pension funds and other institutional and corporate investors, but it would be good to see more activity in southern Europe, where jobs, investments and growth are desperately needed.”

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