A German paper manufacturer’s on-site power system is to get a steam turbine control system upgrade.

The UPM paper factory in Ettringen, Germany produces around 460,000 tonnes of paper per year. From a total steam output of 20 bar, around 2 bar of pressure is used for paper production, while the remainder is used to produce electricity.

As part of a tandem turbine upgrade, power plant equipment maintenance and service firm Bilfinger Maintenance Nord will install a new TurCon DTm turbine controller from Voith Turbo.

 ‘The challenge we were facing was to convert our customer’s steam turbines simply, cost-effectively and, most importantly, with as little downtime as possible,’ said Thomas Hartmann, head of turbine service and condition monitoring at Bilfinger Maintenance Nord.

Selling points for the TurCon DTm included a flexible configuration, fully integrated components including safety (TRIP) relays, an integrated speed measurement system with short-circuit and open-circuit monitoring, and an added feature that monitors electric lines for problems. Voith Turcon