Gensets set to power Saudi port

Three gensets are set to power a 65-tonne crane facility at King Abdullah Port on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia.

The marine diesel oil-fuelled 18V32/40 gensets from MAN Diesel & Turbo have been commissioned and handed over to the customer, Jeddah-based Energy Solutions Developers and Managers (ESDM), MAN said.à‚ 

The gensets will supply around 26 MW of power for the crane facility, which is designed to load and unload the world’s largest container ships.

King Abdullah Port, the fastest growing port in the world, is part of King Abdullah Economic City, an urban development project begun in 2005. It constitutes Saudi Arabia’s largest building project to date and will act as a strategic hub on the trade route between Asia and Europe.à‚ 

EDSM won the contract to supply 33 MW of power for the port in its first phase of development.à‚ 

The genset technology is well-suited for Saudi Arabia’s high temperatures and arid desert climate, MAN noted in a statement. Ashraf Al Natsheh, Senior Sales Director Power Plants in Saudi Arabia, said: ‘The MAN 32/40 engine is a perfect match for the climatic conditions in Saudi Arabia and has already provided outstanding services in many other power plants on the Arabian Peninsula. The engine has particularly proven itself in industrial applications due to its robustness, reliability and very long maintenance intervals.’


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