Genset shift to gas forecast

Diesel genset
Diesel genset

Engine-based gensets are among the fastest-selling, least expensive distributed generation technologies in the world, with diesel-fueled gensets poised for continued growth in most regions and power classes. However, diesel is facing increasing competition from natural gas generators in certain markets, concludes a new report from Navigant Research.

Continued growth in the supply of unconventional gas resources and tightening regulations targeting stationary generator emissions may signal a shift toward cleaner-burning natural gas systems over their diesel counterparts. In the short term, though, countries with strong economic and/or population growth rates that are increasingly burdened by unreliable power grid infrastructure and blackouts will continue to drive diesel genset sales.

According to Navigant Research, global diesel genset capacity additions are expected to increase from 62.5 GW in 2015 to 103.7 GW in 2024.

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