Genset contracts in Russia

Russian Engineering Contractors, Dominanta Energy, have purchased a number of Centrax generator sets for their customer, Russian oil and gas consortium TNK-BP.

Two 5 MWe CX 501-KB7 packages are currently being installed at the TNK-BP site in the Novosibirsk region of central Siberia.

The units, operating in simple cycle, will be supplying 10 MWe to the oil and gas processing and extraction site. The units will be fuelled by both liquid and well-head gas.

There is a plan to add a further two units to this site in the third quarter of 2009.

Dominanta Energy are also installing a further two Centrax 5 MWe packages for TNK-BP at another site in the Irkutsk region of Eastern Russia.

These units will be operating in an almost identical way and supplying power to the oil extraction facility. This site, however, will eventually be converted for CHP with the recovered exhaust heat used on the site.

Additionally, a further three generator sets for this site are about to be ordered.

Also ordered are seven 5 MWe Centrax packages for TNK-BP’s site at Vannyoganneft, also in Siberia. Again these packages are for their oil extraction site and will include the capability for CHP. Two of these units have already been shipped with the next two in June this year and the remainder by the end of 2008.