GE has announced the acquisition of technology from Wind Tower Systems (WTS), LLC. This wind tower technology is expected to enable taller wind turbine towers.

WTS has been working on the development of the space frame tower system technology for use at wind farm sites that require hub heights of 100 meters or greater. The space frame tower technology is a highly engineered and optimized structure that is expected to handle the unique static and dynamic loads generated by wind turbines.

WTS also has been developing new ways to transport and install these taller wind turbine towers. The technology will use standard flatbed trucks. The Hi Jack system technology used in the turbines can eliminate the need for heavy lift cranes during installation. These new technologies offer the ability to cost effectively extend the tower height, which will enable the turbine to produce more energy.

Plans are underway to install a prototype of the GE’s space frame tower system technology to validate and test its design later this year with commercial availability expected in 2012.

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