GE uprates its Frame 6FA gas turbine for higher output and efficiency

May 16, 2002 — Continuing the evolution of its F technology to meet requirements for higher efficiency and lower life-cycle costs, GE Power Systems introduced an uprated version of the Frame 6FA gas turbine.

Designated the PG6111FA, the uprated machine offers an output increase of 9.2% and a heat rate improvement of 2.7%.

The 6FA is the mid-sized member of GE’s F technology family which has surpassed five million fired hours, making GE the clear global leader in advanced gas turbine operating experience. Since the 6FA joined the F technology fleet in 1993, GE has received 53 orders or commitments worldwide for these units, including 27 in Europe. With more than 400,000 reliable operating hours, the 6FA is a well-proven product.

The uprated 6FA will offer an output of 75.9 megawatts and 35% efficiency in simple-cycle applications. In combined-cycle service, the machine will have an output of 117.7 megawatts with 54.7% efficiency, a one-point improvement. These advances add up to a 2.8% improvement in the cost of electricity for these machines. The first PG6111FA is scheduled to ship in the second quarter of 2003.

“All design improvements to the 6FA were made incrementally, based on proven materials and operating experience,” said Thierry Pourchot, GE product line leader. “By investing in projects such as the 6FA uprate, we also are investing in the long-term success of our customers.”

The primary factors leading to the improved performance of the 6FA include a 40(degree) C increase in firing temperature to 1327(degree) C (2420(degree) F), a 3% increase in airflow, and a higher pressure ratio of 15.6, compared to the previous 14.6. These enhancements were achieved by directly scaling GE’s current Frame 7FA gas turbine, thus migrating the design and the operational experience of the Frame 7 machine to the 6FA.

The increase in firing temperature for the 6FA was achieved through improvements in component materials and cooling, and by elevating the pressure ratio. Also critical to the upgrade was the expanded use of film cooling and thermal barrier coating for turbine nozzles and buckets.

The enhanced 6FA features GE’s advanced DLN-2.6 combustion system, capable of 9 ppmvd NOx on the 7FA and designed to achieve 15 ppmvd NOx on the 6FA. With its output range, high exhaust energy, full packaging and robust design, the 6FA is well-suited for a variety of installations including combined heat and power and cogeneration. The Frame 6FA machines are manufactured in GE Power Systems’ facility in Belfort, France.

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