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GE unveils gas turbine ‘game-changer’

GE (NYSE:GE) today launched what it called a “game-changing leap forward” in gas turbine performance.

Unveiled at POWER-GEN Middle East in Abu Dhabi, the 9EMax solution is designed to boost the power and efficiency of existing GE 9E turbines.

GE claims that the solution ” a mix of hardware and software ” can deliver up to 143 MW of power, up to 37 per cent efficiency in simple-cycle operation and up to 210 MW and 53 per cent efficiency in combined-cycle operation.GE 9EMax

At a press conference at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, GE said 9EMax (pictured) can boost performance to offer as much as $6m in new annual revenue opportunities per unit upgrade and as much as $5m in annual fuel savings.

The company added that it believed the application was particularly suitable for the MENA region, where GE has a fleet of more than 250 units.

Azeez Mohammed, president of GE Power Generation Services for the Middle East and Africa, said: “The 9EMax is nothing short of a game-changing solution. The high performance this technology brings to our customers opens up new doors for them to compete with larger block gas turbine machines and other power generation technologies across the region.”

GE added that the 9EMax solution also can be combined with advanced controls software to deliver extra power to MENA countries that experience long periods of hot conditions.

It said that the application can eliminate as much as 3 per cent of output performance loss that can occur in extreme heat operating environments, and added that in 100à‚°F/38à‚°C conditions, the 9EMax can generate up to 125 MW of power with nearly 36 per cent efficiency in simple-cycle operation.

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