A new CHP plant being built in the city of Kurgan in Russia is to be the host for the 100th 6FA gas turbine supplied by GE Energy from its Belfort, France manufacturing centre.

Intertechelectro-New Generation, an independent power producer based in Moscow, will be the owner-operator of the Kurgan plant, while PSG-International, an engineering, procurement and construction company is developing the project along with Intertechelectro.

GE says that the 77 MW Frame 6FA has compiled more than 2.5 million hours of operating experience in 30 countries worldwide, in applications ranging from industrial cogeneration, decentralized power generation and district heating to simple- and combined-cycle power generation. The 6FA offers more than 35% efficiency in simple-cycle and more than 55% in combined-cycle service, while also delivering flexibility in cycle configuration, fuel selection and site adaptation, adds the company.