GE teams up with Toshiba to take FlexEfficiency to Japan

GE and Toshiba Corporation of Japan are bringing GE’s FlexEfficiency gas turbine technology to Japan and other key countries in Asia, the two companies announced today at POWER-GEN Asia 2011.

Under the terms of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed today, GE and Toshiba will promote new combined-cycle power plants with GE Frame 9FB Gas Turbines incorporating GE’s FlexEfficiency technology and Toshiba’s high efficiency steam turbine-generators for projects in Japan and other Asian countries as agreed by GE and Toshiba.

GE’s FlexEfficiency technology is being officially launched for the Asian market at POWER-GEN Asia. Introduced earlier this year, the technology is engineered to combine outstanding flexibility and efficiency. By rapidly ramping up and down in response to fluctuations in wind and solar power, the technology can enable the integration of more renewable resources into power grids.

In addition, the high performance of 9FB Gas Turbines offers significant potential for cogeneration needs across Asia, a high-growth area for natural gas fired power generation, said GE.

GE and Toshiba have worked together for eight decades, including nearly 30 years in the gas turbine sector. Over that time, the two companies have jointly installed 31 gas turbines for projects in Japan, totaling 7993 MW. In addition to being a long-term GE gas turbine manufacturing associate, Toshiba also has a joint venture with GE to provide repair services for gas and steam turbines in Japan.

Earlier this year, GE signed an agreement with Harbin Electric Co. Ltd. to bring FlexEfficiency technology to China. As part of that agreement, Harbin plans to purchase four 9FB gas turbines before the end of 2013, including two that will incorporate FlexEfficiency technology.

GE also has announced that FlexEfficiency was selected for the world’s first integrated renewables combined-cycle power plant – which will use natural gas, wind and solar thermal power – to be developed by MetCap Energy Investments of Turkey.

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