GE service deal for Russian CHP


Russian energy company OJSC Generating Company has awarded GE a 16-year contractual service agreement for the new Kazanskaya CHP-2 combined-cycle gas power plant in Kazan in the Russian region of Tatarstan.

The deal aims to ensure the long-term availability of the GE-supplied gas turbines to meet the industrialized area’s strong energy demands.

Kazan CHP-2 has a total installed capacity of 410 MW, containing a 220 MW combined-cycle gas turbine block featuring two 6FA gas turbines, two KTZ steam turbine generators and two Ema Alliance heat recovery steam generators.

The two gas turbines were commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2014.

As a result of a number of upgrades, GE and OJSC “Generating Company” expect to see a 1.6% increase in power plant output during the colder seasons.

Galiullin Radik Zavitovich, director of Kazan CHP-2 OJSC “Generating Company” branch, said: ‘We expect that the services provided by the GE team will help us to extend the turbines’ life cycle, improving performance and ensuring CHP operating status.’

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