16 April 2010 – GE has added its LM6000-PF aeroderivative gas turbine to its ‘ecomagination’ product portfolio, which aims to certify products that significantly and measurably improve customer’s environmental and operating performance.
GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines have been powering cities and industries for 40 years.
The LM6000-PF features high efficiency, superior fuel gas consumption and fuel flexibility, coupled with lower emissions and water usage in both the 50 Hz and 60 Hz segments, says GE.
It is the second aeroderivative gas turbine to join GE’s ecomagination portfolio, alongside the LMS100.
Earning ecomagination approval involves a rigorous review process, concluding with an independent, third-party audit to ensure accuracy and thorough documentation of technological performance.
GE’s LM6000-PF is the industry leader in the 35-60 MW range, says the company. With the highest reliability (over 99%) and availability (over 97%) in its range, the turbine has high fuel efficiency, versatile operational flexibility, and proven dry low emissions (DLE) technology that can guarantee NOx emissions as low as 15 ppm.