GE rolls out three new turbine developments

18 June 2002 – GE Power systems has revealed the details of two new gas turbines and one new steam turbine which are being added to its product range and aimed at the European market.

At a press conference held at POWER-GEN Europe, Del Williamson, president of global sales for GE Power Systems forecast growth in electricity demand of 75 GW within Europe over the next three years and said that gas turbine combined cycle would continue to be the primary technology.

The largest of the new additions is the MS9001FB, an advanced air-cooled 50 Hz gas turbine which is a development of GE’s existing 9FA turbine (pictured). The 9FB is designed to produce 412 MW and achieve a 58 per cent in combined-cycle operation. The enhancements have been possible due to improved componentry and a higher firing temperature compared with the 7FA. The first 9FB will be ready for shipment in 2004.

GE also launched its Frame 6C gas turbine , the latest evolution of the 40 MW class, and announced that Akenerji, a leading electricity producer in Turkey, had ordered two units. The 6C has a 36.3 per cent efficiency and an output of 42.3 MW in simple cycle.

The new addition to the steam turbine product range is the High Efficiency Advanced Technology (HEAT) Combined Cycle Steam Turbine, for both 50 and 60 Hz applications. The design covers an output range of 30-300 MW and is optimized for power plants using GE’s F-class gas turbines.

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