GE rejuvenates Spanish cogeneration plant

As a result of an upgrade by GE, Tortosa Energy now operates a gas turbine offering higher power output, fewer emissions and greater energy efficiency.

The project converted the existing natural-gas-fueled GE LM2500-PE gas turbine to a more efficient, cleaner and powerful GE LM2500+ DLE model. GE helped increase power output from 26 to 29 MW at 37 per cent efficiency in simple-cycle mode/61 percent efficiency in cogeneration mode.

GE also reduced NOx emissions from 189 ppm to 25 ppm and CO emissions to 25 ppm as well. The plant’s control system was updated but there were no changes to main structural items and the existing foundations were reused. GE performed the upgrade this past summer.

The $12.5m project, known as a repowering-in-place, is a first for Spain and enables Tortosa Energia to qualify for 10 years of cogeneration feed-in tariff, while complying with the latest environmental requirements and positioning the plant for future growth as well.

It took place under Spain’s Plan Renove plant rejuvenation program, which incentivizes efficiency upgrades on existing cogeneration plants.

Mr. Jaime Igea, Cogen Energia operations director, Tortosa Energàƒ­a. “We are now better positioned to provide clean, efficient power to support the Tarragona region’s energy needs in the coming years.”

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