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GE hits gas engine milestone in Germany

GE has increased the power output of one of its gas engines in a pilot project in Germany.

GE Distributed Power worked with Stadtwerke Rosenheim to develop the next evolution of its Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engine.

The modification and upgrade for the engine increased its output at a CHP plant from 9.5 MW to 10.3 MW for the 50-hertz unit.
Prior to the upgrade, the engine served 18,500 homes in Rosenheim. Now it will power more than 20,000.

GE hits gas engine milestone in Germany

Dr Gàƒ¶tz Bràƒ¼hl, chief executive of Stadtwerke Rosenheim, said: “A macro-trend in power generation is the growing need for grid stability, creating demand for more flexible power using multiple smaller power generation units as an addition to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.”

“With the modification and upgrade, we can produce more power and heat for our customers from our existing J920 FleXtra gas engine, providing an even more cost-effective, value-added solution in the same footprint.”

Niall Prendiville, general manager of the J920 FleXtra product line for GE Distributed Power added: “European customers are searching for cost-effective solutions to cover their energy demands, and regulations require high total energy efficiency and low emissions. Using a Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engine for CHP applications and reaching a total energy efficiency of 90 per cent and more is a very attractive option for municipality customers, as it can provide an environment-friendly, reliable and economical solution to meeting the region’s energy demand.”à‚