GE Energy has announced the latest milestone for its fleet of F technology gas turbines: more than 30 million hours of commercial operation in power plants worldwide. The company’s fleet of more than 1000 F-class machines also has exceeded 600,000 starts, illustrating the model’s durability and availability.

The high number of starts is said to be testimony to the effectiveness of F technology as a cycling or peak unit, serving the operating flexibility needs of today’s power generating customer. Since its introduction in 1987, GE’s F technology has set global industry standards for reliability, availability and emissions, says the company. For example, according to ORAP data, GE’s 7F turbine is the most reliable gas turbine in the F class and is the first to achieve 99.1% reliability.

Designed for both 50 and 60 HZ applications, the 6FA is a 75 MW class machine. Its output range, high exhaust energy, full packaging and robust design make the 6FA well suited for a wide range of applications, from industrial cogeneration and district heating to pure power generation in combined cycle for islands as well as integration in refineries.

In April 2009, GE Energy announced it was shipping its 100th Frame 6FA gas turbine from its Belfort facility to a CHP project in the city of Kurgan in the south Ural area of Russia. The new CHP plant is designed to provide electricity and thermal energy generation to support the social and economic development of the region.