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GE fits flare gas capture upgrade to Russian plant

Russia’s Nizhnevartovsk power plant is undergoing an expansion to accommodate a combined-cycle system which will add 400 MW to its output.

The work will result in Nizhnevartovsk running on natural gas generated by a processing plant using associated petroleum gas that otherwise would be wasted by burning or flaring.

The Russian government wants to utilise 95 per cent of the country’s flare gas by next year.

A gas turbine and steam turbine are being installed by US company GE and are expected to be operational in a year’s time.

“The Nizhnevartovsk project addresses a potential energy shortage while also supporting the continuing modernization and expansion of Russia’s energy infrastructure,” said Cristiano Tortelli, GE Energy’s president for Russia. “With its growing economy, Russia offers great opportunities and is a key growth area for GE.”