GE are exploring the possibility of increasing power generation capacity of wind turbines while keeping the noise levels down.

The company through its Global Research unit is working alongside the US Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories to investigate further development of wind turbine technology.

GE said its scope of work was focused on advancing wind turbine blade noise prediction methods to ensure that its wind blades do not perform the current noise issues, by performing tests on airfoil level acoustic measurements in wind tunnels.
GE wind turbine

Field measurements have also been done to validate acceptable noise levels, and noise-reducing operating modes were deployed in the control system.

The company expects that a one decibel quieter rotor design may increase the energy generated by a turbine by 2 per cent a year.

That increase will add up to 5 GW of wind power, given that around 240 GW of wind is anticipated to be installed globally for the next five years.

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