GE delivers efficiency through district heating in China

GE (NYSE: GE) will supply three 9FB gas turbines for the 1,378-MW Datang Gaojing combined-cycle cogeneration power plant under construction in Beijing, marking the debut of this technology in China.

The new facility will help meet surging electricity demand in the Chinese capital while also meeting the ambitious environmental targets of China’s Five-Year Plan.

In addition to the 9FB gas turbines, GE will supply related equipment and services to GE business partner and licensing associate Harbin Electric Corporation, which is building the plant for owner and operator China Datang Corporation.

The GE 9FB technology will provide over 1.3 GW of power and when combined with Harbin’s district heating solution for winter operation, at greater than 59 percent at ISO conditions, it is expected to be one of the most fuel-efficient Chinese power plants to date.

GE expects to ship the equipment starting in October 2012, and the plant will begin commercial operation in stages beginning in October 2013.

The electricity generated by the Datang Gaojing plant will help support load management, and the heat recovered from the turbines’ exhaust will provide district heating.

“One of the most important challenges in China today is to increase the country’s electrical capacity, and to do so using cleaner, more-efficient technologies,” said Walter Wang, GM, thermal enterprise commercial for GE Power & Water. “GE invests heavily to develop the energy technologies needed to accomplish this and is proud to have been selected for this important, high-profile project.

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