A Chinese development zone is to be supplied with GE (NYSE: GE) gas turbine technology with GE’s partner Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery Company (NTC) to facilitate the install.

The project involves supply of two 6F 3-series gas turbines to Chinese power company Guodian Dianli for the Nanxun power plant near Huzhu city in Zhejiang province, China.

GE equipment

The new cogeneration plant will provide electricity and industrial heating for the Nanxun development zone while supporting the Chinese government’s initiative for more efficient energy production with reduced emissions.

NTC will produce the generator and steam turbine for the cogeneration plant. GE also will provide installation services, spare parts, gas turbine training, a distributed control system and steam turbine controls.

The gas turbine has a simple-cycle output of 77 megawatts (MW), approximately 135 MW exhaust energy, with NOx emissions of 15 parts per million and will reach around 71 per cent cogeneration efficiency in Nanxun.

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