Gas turbines to provide heat/power to Russian oil & gas drilling

Russian oil and gas company LUKOIL is to use GE’s aeroderivative technology to provide additional energy for its drilling operations in Astrakhan in the southern part of the country.

Four GE LM6000-PF dual fuel dry low emissions (DLE) Sprint aeroderivative gas turbines are to provide heat and power for LUKOIL’s operations in the region, where oil and gas production is the main industry.

The project represents the first dual fuel DLE LM6000-PF units packaged from GE’s Houston, US facility.

These units use both diesel and natural gas, and will join two LM6000s that began service for LUKOIL in Astrakhan at the end of April.

The LM6000-PF dual fuel DLE capability gives it the capability to operate at low emission levels in gas or liquid fuels without the need for water injection.

GE says the LM6000-PF reduces CO2 emissions by 15,000 metric tonnes, reduces gas consumption by over 278,000 GJ, reduces NOx emissions by 360,000 kg and saves 37,400 cubic metres of water annually.

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