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Gas-to-power balancing plant goes live in UK

A collaboration between UK companies Suncredit Energy and SmartestEnergy has successfully completed the testing and commissioning of a 4 MW gas-to-power peaking project in England.

The Rossington Power plant near Doncaster has been generating electricity since the initial testing phase and is now fully operational to deliver decentralised energy when needed. à‚ 

Suncredit’s development director John Leith said: “SmartestEnergy have provided an optimisation strategy to help us secure the maximum value from opportunities in the short-term energy markets.”

He added that after receiving a firstà‚ notification to dispatch, the plant was able toà‚ ramp up in less than 120 seconds.

“Despite some challenging domestic conditions we remain very optimistic for our portfolio of energy projects both in the UK and internationally.”

London-headquartered Suncredit was formed in 2013 and became a successful solar PV developer. When government subsidies for solar closed in 2015, it expanded into power balancing and since then has had 300 MW of projects in development.

The company’s next gas-to-power peaking project ” a 20 MW plant near Taunton in England ” is currently under construction and due for delivery next year.